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A bag is an important piece of accessory that every woman must have. It carries all types of belongings necessary during the day. A working lady can use a bag to carry all her important files, makeup, perfumes and other products and a student can carry her books and food items in her bag. That is why ladies handbags are very important that is why a number of designers retail bags for women. There are several styles of bags that women can get for themselves. Women’s bags online shopping is made convenient at iShopza because of good shipping and discount deals. There are several discount deals that reduce the cost of products that you want to buy.

Types of Bags for Ladies

Before you get any type of bags, you must take into account the different types of bags. Once you know which bag you want you can take into account factors like; colour, size, material and number of pockets. Buy ladies bags online at iShopza and avail special discount offers which will help you get your favourite bag.


Clutch bags are basically a small bag that is carried by hand because it does not have a strap or handle. These usually have one pocket in which everything can be stored. There are different formal and casual styles of clutches or pouches that ladies can get for themselves.

Sports Bags

Sports bags work well for women who work out at the gym or are engaged in other physical activities. These bags can carry clothes, shoes and other equipment. There are several styles you can get according to your requirements.

Travel Bags

Besides suitcases, there are a number of travel bags that ladies can get according to the amount of stuff they want to carry with them.

Sling Bags

Women’s sling bags basically have strap that can be worn around the shoulder or carried by hand. These work great casually where you only carry a limited amount of products with you.

Traditional Bags

Women’s traditional bags include several designs that are made in US and reflect cultural values. These can be in the modern style as well but have a touch of traditional elements. Women’s vintage bags never go out of fashion and are still carried by modern ladies.

Shoulder Bags

A shoulder bag is a large sized bag that is carried on the shoulder and there are several colors that women can choose. These work well for office, school and while shopping. If you want to get a smaller size bag, then you can easily get it online at iShopza. Shoulder bags are one of the earliest designs introduced and are still very popular.


A tote is a medium sized bag that has two leather straps which help carry the bag. This style never goes out of fashion because the design is very versatile. Ladies can use this bag casually and formally as well.

Cross Body Bags

A cross body is very popular amongst young girls and adults as well because this is a very practical bag that can carry all things.