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Buy Beautiful Brooches for Women Online in US

Brooches and pins have been worn as women’s accessories for many years now. There are a number of ways one can use brooches. Ladies can attach them to their dresses, scarves and other items. These work as a great accessory and can lift up a boring outfit in seconds. There are thousands of striking designs of brooches that women can purchase. Some have stone work on them while others are made from high quality materials. Online shopping for brooches in US is made convenient at iShopza. There are thousands of designs buyers can get under one roof at discounted prices.

Guide for Purchasing Women Brooches

When buying brooches and pins, there are few factors that must be kept in mind. offers the best quality accessories for ladies. These features of brooches will help you pick out the best one for yourself in a quicker time;


There are a number of styles of brooches that shoppers can get. There are several vintage designs and modern styles to select from. Brooches come in many shapes that may include; bows, hearts, circular rectangular, oval and so on forth. Also, some designs are quite heavy as compared to others.


There are a number of materials from which brooches are made. Buyers can select the material of their choice according to their requirements. Materials used for brooches include; metal, plastic, gold, silver and you can also get customized ones made.


Brooches without some stonework are incomplete. If you plan on getting a formal brooch then it is recommended to get ones that have stonework on them. The stonework can be done by real diamonds, semi-precious and precious stones. If you are on a budget then you can get faux stones as well which may cost you less but will look real.


There are different sizes of brooches that ladies can purchase. The size depends on the purpose of the brooch and where you want to use it. For instance, brooches are usually very small because these are used primarily to adjust the scarf. On the other hand, brooches used on dresses and other clothing are much bigger in size as compared to scarf pins.

Cleaning of brooches

There are different methods by which brooches can be cleaned and washed. It is important to be careful while cleaning brooches as some can be very delicate. Make a solution of soap and water and dip in the brooches for a little while. Take them out, rinse and let them air dry. If you have silver brooches that are tarnishing then you should use a mixture of water with baking soda and rub the piece with it. You will see the tarnish disappearing in no time. If the brooch has stonework on it then you must be very careful in cleaning it as you do not want to damage the stones. Use a soft brush and get rid of dirt and dust easily.